Corporate Surveillance

Corporate Surveillance Service

Corporate surveillance is the monitoring of a person or group's behavior by a corporation. Further, corporate intelligence is the act of gathering time valuable information to be used for investment, M&A and marketing purposes or sold to other corporations, but is also regularly shared with government agencies. It can be used as a form of business intelligence, which enables the corporation to better tailor their products and/or services to be desirable by their customers. Although there is a common belief that monitoring can increase productivity, it can also create consequences such as increasing chances of deviant behavior and creating punishments that are not equitable to their actions. The monitoring of customers or workers can cause resistance and a backlash because it insinuates a suspicion. We can do this work covertly, using assumed identities inside your company

You will be charged for the first hour now and the rest after completion.

We will contact you using the same email you use to pay for the service.

Drone Surveillance: AUD $99/hr.
Melbourne Detective
Regular Surveillance: AUD $77/hr.
Melbourne Detective
Phone Surveillance: AUD $99/hr.
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